Dislay rule - show message in cell


It would be nice to have the option to “show a message” as an option for display rules.

usecase, is that I have a Punch Clock app.
In a table i have a button next to the employees name that says “Check In”.
When the employee checks in, i hide the button, since the user has to check out, before they can check in again.

But hiding the value, leaves the cell empty, and it would be nice to have a display rule, where i could hide the button, and then display a message as “You are checked in”


Hi Simon!

While this may be something you can accomplish with custom code, I agree that this would be nice for our customers to have this feature implemented within Knack!

Thanks so much for taking the time to share your feature request with us! We really do appreciate your input and enthusiasm for improving Knack. :rocket:

I’ve forwarded your suggestion to our Product team for consideration. They’ll be evaluating it along with other valuable feedback from our community members to see how it fits into our roadmap.

While I can’t guarantee when or if this feature will be implemented, your feedback is instrumental in shaping the future of Knack. We’re constantly working to make the platform better, and your ideas are a big part of that process.

If you have any more ideas or questions in the future, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re here to help and listen to your needs.

Thanks again for being a part of our community and helping us make Knack even better! :partying_face: