Did anyone lose autocomplete on text fields?

One of my clients no longer has text fields doing autocomplete. They say it stopped working about a week ago, so not a result of yesterday’s update. (I know they can use dropdowns, but they don’t want to force the answer, just offer one.) They used autocomplete a LOT.

How would autocomplete usually work on the text field? Do you have any custom code for it?

If not, wouldn’t it be tied to the autocomplete stored on the browser’s end? If that’s the case, it’s just possible that it got cleared on the end-user’s browser…

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No I did not and was wondering whether it was more of a browser issue… maybe Chrome isn’t doing it anymore? It’s not a matter of clearing the cache because I can go in and enter something on one line and then it does not show up for the next. All this clients’ employees use Chrome, so I will look into that…

Mmm, I don’t think it’s a browser issue after all. Chrome autofills name, address and payments. But the client was getting autocomplete in text fields within their Knack app. I didn’t do anything to make that happen.

Ask the clients to check if autocomplete is working in text fields in other websites… That should help you narrow it down to a browser issue or something else preventing it from working on Knack…

Not sure if inspect element might reveal something on Knack as well…

This is definitely a browser auto complete feature.
I have a particular client that has it enabled and when he’s showing me something, every field he clicks into shows historic choices he’s made before.
For example, when clicking into a value field it shows a list of random values that he has added before.
This would drive me insane but it doesn’t seem to bother him. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
I always have auto complete switched off so it doesn’t suggest cached data.
Auto complete, as @Arjun stated, is not a Knack feature.

Where did your client enable it? Mine are using Chrome and it has autofill settings but they only cover name, payment and address fields. I get where you’re coming from and it makes sense except that I can’t find anything that would turn it on. (But I’m hoping you’re right and that we can find where to turn it back on.)

This was autocomplete of a custom field such as the one shown below. It’s not an address, name or payment or even close.



Yes, my client had the same problem, and it was first reported on Oct 14th. Their IT department and I tried a ton of fixes but nothing worked, including clearing cache, deleting and re-creating account. This was happening both in Chrome and Edge.

Finally the only solution that worked was to use Edge, with a brand new account. Since then, all has been working ok, and we’ll never know what really happened. Curiously enough, doing the same procedure with Chrome did not solve the issue.


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We lost all autofill again! Thsi time, it stopped working in Chrome and Edge, no matter what I try - even the trick I found in post just above. Initially, only two users had the problem, but now I have it too, on all machines. This coincides with the update back on Monday, Nov 22th.

I am wondering if I shouldn’t add code to implement autofill manually in KTL… Over the years, this feature seems to break randomly.

Thanks, Norm. That at least makes me feel a bit better.