Custom Code just stopped working

I have multiple instances of custom code in my app which has worked perfectly until recently. It appears that none of my code is working now. Has anyone noticed this? I have 4 apps and code works with the others. Any suggestions?

When loading the live app, do you see any errors in your Console?

To open the Console, right-click on your webpage > select Inspect > select the Console tab.

Welcome to the world of Knack. I have been with them ten years and every time they do an update to the system I enviably have to tweak some code or rewrite other parts. With the new builder and screens whole sections of Java and JavaScript no longer work, not to mention CSS. My suggestion is you use as much standard knack functions as possible otherwise you will be in for a rocky road.

Given they are about to start porting our current apps across to their new environment I would advise that you keep an eye on your apps, especially of you have customers using them.

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Hi Linda

Look for an email “New Production Environment” from and click on the link View Your Upgrade Dashboard.

Did the problem started when your app was upgrade?

The upgrade appears to have broken our Zapier integrations as it is no longer passing derived fields like Text Concatenations and Auto-increment fields.

Actually it turns out not just derived field. No field values are being passed from Knack to Zapier following our upgrade