Date field in list/calendar

Dear Knackster, i have an app with a list and calendar for participants in 16 time zones. Until now, i have generated 16 pages with lists and calendars pulling the column with the relevant time since i could not find a way to switch the date field in the list&calendar to another column of my event table. Recalculating a fixed column has not worked fast enough.

Starting with edits in the lists and calendars, i now find it fairly cumbersome to edit all 16 time zones.

Is there any better way that allows me to change the date field through a variable or something else?

Hello Wolf,

You can just create a numeric field having values -12 to 12(or you can create a connected object or dropdown for each timezone) Like when the user selects India then on another field you can fill 5.5 using field rules. Then you can Create another equation field with sum that hrs(-12 to 12) .

Shown below.

Sunny Singla

Hi Sunny, thank you for your suggestion. I already use such a numeric field to calculate the various columns each covering a different time zone. Since many users from different time zones simultaneously use the app, i did not dare to let users edit this numeric field. I was afraid that a user e.g. in India could be confused when another user in a different time zone edits this numeric field. When the previous users refresh their calendar view, they surprisingly find themselves in a different time zone. Am i assuming correctly that the numeric field you have suggested would be accessible by all users?

Instead i chose the route to have a lot of columns each covering a distinct time zone and displayed by a distinct view. All the views have an identical structure. The only difference is the respective time zone column they refer to.

So far, this works well. However, i find maintenance and improvements of all the identical views quite boring. Hence, i was wondering if there was any other idea.

Hello Wolf,

We can allow users to update timezone. Or at the time of registration, we ask users to select a timezone.

In your scenario, I think JavaScript works only (Need some customization).

Sunny Singla

Hello Sunny,

Thank you. I already allow users to switch their time zone since they travel between time zones.

Thank you for your hint to JS. I am still weighing to stay in my Knack comfort zone (although it is boring to do the maintenance work) or to invest into JS.