Adjust Timezone

Hi! My database is set to Pacific time, but I have one field that I’d like to be set at Universal time. Is there anyway to add another field that automatically changes just that one field to pacific time? Even better, change it to the end users time zone? I know I could do an equation of plus 7 hours, but that only works for half the year because of daylight savings time.

Thank you!

Hi, @Suzanne!

There currently is no out of the box feature within Knack to implement this unfortunately. I think this feature would help our customers tremendously. I have shared this as a feature request with the Product team!

Thank you for taking the time to share your question- we appreciate it greatly as it helps us improve our customer experience!

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Thank you Les!

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Hello Suzanne,

You can do that by adding a value by another field which can be Like Date+numericfield. Which can change 7 or 6 based upon daylight saving (using task) which can run and set 7 or 6 … may be you can run the task every Sunday and check if it’s a 2nd Sunday of March and 1st Sunday of Nov.

Sunny Singla