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I have a case where I am producing various products and I need to be able to generate new product types frequently. I then log each production batch with the product type name/number and then I would like to have an auto-increment option that automatically finds the last production nubmer of the specific product type and gives me the number next in line. For example, I'm productin Apples and I'm logging Apple-1, Apple-2, Apple-3 etc. Then I set up a new production line and produce Oranges from that one (I might be producing 5-10 products from each line) and I log production of Oranges using the same form and in the same record Object. So I get Orange-1, Orange-2 etc. Then I start producing Apples again so when I log the next Apple production I want to be able to choose, in my form, Apples as a product type, and then the next incremental number will be the last one logged for Apples, +1.

Knack says I can't do this natively but possibly with javascript, has somebody a solution or tips for me?

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Hello Börkur,


This can be achieve without using javascript . 

Try to explain using below screenshots . Just create 2 object Product and Parts .  Product is connected to part .


In product i create 1 column as count (number of parts connected to it ) 

2nd column Count+1 = So we can add this value in Part table at time of form submitting.




Sunny Singla


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