Set Auto Increment Options

I would like to be able to setup/adjust the Auto Increment with options like "Prefix", "Suffix" and start number so I could end up with PO-00006 as my first record for example.

Came up with this. I was trying to make any new records match existing field ID FID-00###### (8 digits, pad left with zeros)

Auto Increment (starts at 1)

AutoIncrementBaseAdd = Auto Increment + 100000123  (assuming my first value needs to be 124, with a bunch of zeros to left)

Field ID = FID-right({AutoIncrementBaseAdd},8)

Result is FID-00000124, FID-00000125, etc. 

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nothing yet?

A custom starting number is a must and very easy to setup for knack.


I can imagine a fairly extensive equation that would do this, but it seems something that would normally be pretty easy for you guys from a settings level? (or maybe not!)


I will add my two-cents to the thread and say that this feature would be a benefit for the work that I do.

Yes please! I have a client whose job numbers need to start over with a new prefix designator and number count every year. The current setup requires a lot of reconfiguration and setup to make this possible and keep historical data.

I will like that too