Auto Increment with custom starting value

I have created a custom ticketing app with Knack and we are moving to it from another program. I would like to keep our current ticket numbering, as starting over at number 1 would be confusing. We are not importing data from the old program. Is there a way to have the auto-increment start with a custom number and start going up from there?

Hey @Joshua

Add a Equation Field and concatenate the Auto Increment with the end point for your existing number. For example, if your last order number is 5247 and your new record Auto Increment is “1”, set the equation to {AutoIncrement}+5246

If you need to prefix this with text, like “PO” then add a Text Formula field and concatenate your Equation Field and string. For example, your new number from the Equation is now 5247, the Text Formala could be PO{Equation Field} which would result as PO5247

There is no way to start the Auto Increment field from a specific number. The above method is documented in Knacks knowledge base. :+1: