Creating Reports to show which employee has not been reviewed in x number of days

disclosure, I am not a developer but have built an app that runs our logistics company and tracks both drivers performance and vehicle records. 

Request: Field managers want to see which employees have not received a performance review either ever or within a certain number of days. 

Data Table: Delivery Driver
This table houses drivers name, hire and end dates and specific details (ID, photo, etc..) 

Performance Table: 
This table houses specific types of reviews we conduct with our drivers on a daily basis
Review date
Review type
and then specific details about the review

the two tables are connected so when you access the Drivers main records you conduct a review which is displayed as a table view on the drivers file. 

I am not strong in calcs or formulas thus I am stuck. 

the request from the my field team is to show a list of drivers that have not had a review within the last x number of days or since they have started. Lets say 30 days for this example. Plus the review must be a specific type (Performance, versus a system generated review that is created based on specific issues and it auto populated nightly). We are only interested in seeing Performance reviews as these are reviews inputted by hand from the field managers. 

I can create a report that shows all the reviews and sort them by date, but if I have a driver that has never had a review it will not show on the list. This is the problem. I can only seem to report what I have done, but how do I report what I have not done? 

I assume using the start date of the driver from the driver table would be key, isolating the data of only Active drivers (this is a field called status). Then some how looking at the Performance table data to see if and when the MOST RECENT review was done (the specific type of review) and somehow displaying the information???

Any help would be awesome.