How do I set up this report for users?

I have several objects that have a connection to the object "Reminders". The reminders object has a follow-up date field, user name, and status (Urgent, In process, and Completed) with a paragraph field for notes.

I know how to get the report showing "on or before today" and status "not completed", but the interface in the report table doesn't have an edit or view option.

I need each of my users to be able to click on a daily report showing the above information and be able to edit and view FROM the report itself. To have to go back and find that reminder from the reminder object or the company object is way too cumbersome. They may have anywhere from a few reminders a day to as many as 50 or so and anywhere in between.

Any ideas?

Thank you so much!


Too all, thank you for your answers. I didn't have the search option, but I do have what I need now and it is working fine. I appreciate your help. This forum is great!

Dear Dianna, you can create a filter menu on top of the table.

In your interface, go to the table object to be filtered . Then in the left hand menu go to filters /use a filter menu you can then set the wished filters. The fields that can be filtered must be in the table object your view is based on. So if you want to display reminders the table data source must be reminders. You can the display in your table or views fields values from connected records.

The filter menu will look like this (don't pay attention to the design which was modified by CSS)

I know I can access a filter to do this, but I don't know how my users can access the filter? Sorry but I am new to Knack. I have set up a search on a page but that only returns a table with no edit or view. I am looking for a way each of my users (some not very computer saavy) can access a list of records that need attention that day with an edit and view function.

The link might work but I don't know how to set that up.

I agree - try a table or list with a filter to get what you want. And a table with inline editing might work well.

Would you be able to use a filtered table rather than a report? If so, then you could enable inline editing or a link to edit the table directly.