Create records from a calendar - inspiration needed

I have an Equipment object with equipment records, one of the fields is a Date/Time field with options for repeat and end time enabled for calendar use.

So now i can show a calendar (or a list) of scheduled maintenance for the equipments. So far so good...

I have another Jobs object, linked to Equipment, where all service jobs on the Equipment are stored. So now I would like to create jobs, in the most easy way possible, for all the scheduled maintenance events in the calendar. Of course, preferably, this could happen automatically - I don't believe that's possible. The next best thing would be to somehow be able to click each calendar event to easily create a new job and somehow track which ones are created as jobs. But obviously, no information can be added to each calendar occurrence (like done), as it doesn't really exist as an individual record.

Any good ideas would be very much welcome. I have the PRO plan, so I can do "Tasks". I also have Zapier, so I can also do things with that.

Any ideas or suggestions?


I really need this option too.  Just trialing Knack to see if we can make it workable for our Company, as 80% of our jobs are recurring jobs that need to be added as new records.    Reviewing so many requests for this yet not seeing any solutions, as far back as 2013, leads me to believe that this option is never going to be possible.  A pitty. This feature really is the deal breaker for whether we can use Knack at all.

Unfortunately, I have yet to find a god solution. If Young stumble across something, please let me know.

Hey TheBug I am wondering how you went with this, I am also trying to do something similar.

Hi all

This can be achieved. See following screenshots of our recurring jobs for the buildings/properties we service.

@Dean2, very interresting.

Would you mind sharing how you have achieved it? We are still scheduling each task manually, based on a calendar list.


Søren Elisiussen

Hi Soren

Basically, I took an Excel formula which I was able to convert to Knack’s formulas.

Get nth day of week in month

Without this solution I don’t think I’d ever have solved this Adding months to a date. I did end up with a bug/rounding error that was solved by maxing the decimals for this to 15 places.

It’s a little fiddly marrying the logic up for weekly and monthly/yearly cycles.

When the Job is completed you complete a form

which uses a Record Rule to copy the details and the Next Scheduled date to the Scheduled Date field

To do this you need to have a self referencing connection to the same database/object.
Copy a Record Using Record Rules

Hope this helps, and isn’t too much info.

Feel free to ask any more questions as I’m sure there are other like us who must require a method for calculating recurring dates.