Create an RSS Feed from Records Table

I need to be able to display Knack record data in an RSS feed. Is this possible? I do not honestly know a lot (anything) about how RSS feeds are created in general, but a request has been made and I want to explore the possibility.

Hi @jason

Knack records are JSON so you would convert the JSON to XML for an RSS feed. What have you tried so far? Or are you wondering if it’s possible hypothetically?

I was wondering what is possible. My hope was for something more automated than having to have to manually download a JSON file and convert it to XML.

You’d likely write a script to fetch and convert your data, rather than download it yourself. This script runs on your computer or server. If writing server-side code is not an option for you then you can create an Integromat scenario to do the same.

Thanks. I will look and see if this is something I can achieve in Microsoft Power Automate. If not, I will investigate other options like Integromat.

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