Count Fields Stopped Using Filters


I have a table with a connection and then several count fields that run off of that connection using filters. Since my app was updated on Sunday for the new performance, those fields stopped counting correctly.

I have an Auditions Table & and Audition Day Table

The Audition Day table gathers all the auditions on a particular date. This is where my count fields live, here are a few examples.

Total Auditions - Counts auditions connection with the filter on the field in the auditions table status, it counts all the events that are live
Total Canceled Auditions - Counts auditions connection with the filter on the field in the auditions table status, it counts all the events that are canceled

I have others for the audition type and postponed, etc. This was all working fine.

Now they are all just counting the total Auditions and ignoring the filters

Here is an example of my field set up for canceled

Hi @JBS - you mention that the filters were working ok before the app was moved to the new environment. I have several apps in the new environment with filters on count fields and haven’t had any issues.

I’d recommend raising a support ticket to Knack for them to investigate further.

Thank you, I will do that. I have a ticket on another item from last week I have not received anything about :\

I’d follow up with the ticket from last week as that seems longer than I’ve been experiencing. I raised a ticket on Weds and had a reply the following day.
I appreciate that Knack prioritise tickets but a week is longer than I’d expect for a reply.
I don’t think I’ve ever waited a week for a reply. I’ve been a full time Knack developer since 2016 and partner since 2018.

Also, I understand that potential issues / bugs on the new environment attract a higher priority.

I checked one of my client apps that has the exact same scenario as yours and it doesn’t have the same issue.

I hope you can get this resolved soon :+1:

Same issue for me. I will raise a ticket.

Same issue! Tried to find work arounds by resetting the connections, recreating the count fields and resetting the filters. I do get it to work sometimes by updating the parent connection but then the problem reappears again.

Raised a ticket as well, hopefully there is a resolution for this.

My ticket has been open for over a month and nothing.

I write them every Monday for an update and it is not fixed.

Our app hasn’t been working for over 30 days.

Pretty ridiculous; my company will likely be looking for a new solution for the coming year

That’s worrying JBS! Thanks for the info. I suspect then they are flooded with tickets…, or have no solution as of yet.

Hello all,

We have been working on a fix for this and we have an update in the works that looks to resolve this. We just need to finish running it through our tests. This should be out early next week but I will be sure to update here either way.


@Sterling - thanks for the update :+1: