Alternative to Broken Count Fields for One to Many connections

Since the performance update in august count fields have not been reliable, if they have worked at all. (ridiculous but I have given up on them fixing it at this point, I am about 10 tickets in for 10 different count fields and I just created a new one, and surprise it doesn’t work)

I use them in my app as kind of a true/false on one to many connection fields.

For example it will count all connected records with a status of “scheduled” so I can do a check somewhere else if scheduled > 1 then do something, or if scheduled = 0 do something else. Sometimes I need the exact value like for a Capacity field but I am not worrying about that right now.

Is there any other way I can populate a field in a table based on a one to many connection.

My specific use case at the moment. I have events and some events are allowed to be paid on site. This is set with a true/false check box.

In my registration table I have the user and the and a connections field wth the events they are registered for. I tried creating a count field to count the registrations that are eligible for on site payments so I can adjust how this user finishes their registration based on the value. Knack does not let you create conditionals based on if a value exists in a group of connected records, or use those values in formulas so I need a way to perform this check. I would prefer not to do it with an API call because their API fails about 20% of the time.

Yes, I am annoyed, yes I am pretty over knack at this point.

Any help appreciated,