Connected fields

Hi team,

This has been bugging me for a while.

Here’s the problem. I have real estate website, the knack up has been setup for 2 years and runs very well. I have the following user accounts. Owners & buyers.

Owners create listings, buyers fill out a form to buy the property.

When the owner is setting up the listing there is a multi select field called “Property Chattels” which is its own object.

When the buyer submits their offer the “Property Chattels” must be included with the buyers offer.

When the Owner updates the offer to accepted the detail of the offer and the chattels is sent in a custom email to an email address.

How do I add the “Property Chattels” in the paragraph text of the linked object?

Any ideas?


Total guess here not fully understanding the database structure you have…

Assuming that each Offer object is connected to a ‘Property Chattels’ and the email is being sent when an Offer is created or edited, then perhaps creating a text formula field in Offers that is filled with the correct ‘Property Chattels’ field will work?

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