Complex Commission Calculations

Here is a recent video I did outlining Knack’s ability to handle a quite involved commission structure for a real estate firm. Actually the math was pretty easy, but the conditions, logic, and the path to get to the correct values was hairy.

@DaveParrish Great work Dave. Have you considered utilizing conditional logic within an equation field to help simplify the logic? and is there a way for an admin to enter a commission split if it falls outside the scope of the company structure? such as special agreements with agents.

Brandon - Hello. Regarding equation logic, yes, I think I mention that in the video, that there is a more efficient way to do that using what you said. But honestly, I’ve never learned that, so I know I’m taking a longer way to do it. And yes, they can do manual adjustments, and also manually change the base YTD figure. Thanks!

@DaveParrish I appreciate the response, thank you. You did a great job. Its fun to see other knack builders get creative with their calculations.