Columns for views on pages

@mac - I think this can be done with CSS. I've seen some case studies  on the blog that look like they've found a way around it. It would be a great feature to have built right into the platform though.

Love this idea! Been wanting it myself for a long time.

@Justin - I think you are right that this could be solved with CSS, but i cannot figure it out. Do you by chance know which case study.  I looked through but am not sure which it might be.   Thanks!

I think it was swag robot but their account section is disabled now so I can't see for sure I would reach out to knack support and see if it is indeed possible. Personally, I don't know CSS very well. I have considered hiring a gui guy to help me do these kind of things but for the time being I'm just waiting for knack to get around to it. Vote people!!!

Is there a way to group views in a page into groups and columns? this would provide more flexibility as to how views could be arranged on the page.

also the layout button above the grouping… so page views can be grouped on page according to layout

Pages are missing a HUGE feature that is stopping me from developing the exact frontend UI i would like... apparently you cannot have two views side-by-side in a page?? Each page should have a LAYOUT property at top as well as the views for that page being groupable into columns etc - much like when editing details views.

I agree, this is much needed to take advantage of screen real estate.  

Don't you love how they market virtually limitless features but once you're in it's always so far from reality.  I guess it's ok though because everyone is doing it these days.

Just came here to say that this would be awesome.

Please add this feature, it would be immensely helpful to my continued use of your program.


I am hoping you already are working in upgrading the way views are shown, and giving us the possibility to make grid views, so that ex. two narrow pivot reports can occupy the same line, instead of being on top of each other like shown here.

when we design the pages and add stuff, first we could be able to set 1/4+1/4+1/4+1/4 OR 2/4+2/4 OR 1/4+3/4 rows.. Then in that rows there is add button and we add any elements that way.. Tables, reports, infoboxes, maps, anything.. Such useful and beautiful refresh UI i think it would be..

For the mobile view, of course it would be responsive as column by column etc..

I second this, I really would like to be able to arrange in columns.