Change the width of the page columns

I am looking for help on how to adjust the width of the 2 views I have on a page side by side.
Currently, I have a table view on the left and a form view on the right. The form view doesn’t need to be very wide but the way the layouts work currently they each take up 1/2 the page width, I was hoping more for a 75/25 or 67/33 type of layout.
I have seen different layouts inside views, but not on the pages.

Any help is appreciated.

This isn’t possible with Knacks standard features. It may be possible with CSS but I’m not a coder :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: You could use a blank rich text field and add that to reduce the width.

Hi Adrian,

You will find the option here:

Doh :roll_eyes: of course, I missed the point about the views being side by side. Only done that about 10,000 times. :man_shrugging:

Hi MichaelG,

I had seen that on the Details view, but that only works inside that view. What I was hoping for is where you can do that for the whole page.

Although it may not be possible becuase of the way the views stack themselves on a mobile or skinny view. Was just hoping there was something out there.

Thanks all for the responses.

Ah ok, I didn’t read well enough your original post. ups sorry.

@CarlHolmes answered you on this line.

In CSS you can easily add margins between views to apply in diferent screen sizes. But it does take some time to adjust them correctly because in desktop it might be margin-left, and smatphone margin-top.

Knack said they are now working with highest priority on the Live App design.