Check if two email fields are the same

Does anyone have a way to check if 2 email fields are the same - for double entry of emails?

Perhaps using text formulas?



Thanks Julian,

I will get someone to help do some Java script for this, and will post it on the community for all to access, as it seems something that lots of people would use for double entry checking of emails.



Hi Matt

Ridiculous as this sounds, I think you're going to have to use Javascript to do this - I thought that Conditional Rules would do it as below:

But even when the Email and Email Check fields are the same, No is entered - seems to be a bug to me?

I'm not really a JS expert but it can't be that hard a problem??


Hi Julian, many thanks for that suggestion. I have tried it using email fields and text fields for the email addresses, and both an equation field and a text formula field for the test, but I always get a 0 outcome - any suggestions there?

Thanks in advance!


I would use an equation field with the value {email field1} = {email field 2} ? 1 : 0

That will output a 1 if they are the same and a 0 if they are different.. Then use the output value to do something..