Unique address

Is there a way to verify if an address field is unique before it is submitted?

For text fields, you can make sure the address is unique but address fields do not have that option.

Has anyone had to do this before and if so how did they do it.


Hello Mike,

This can be done using a few lines of javascript code.

you can check the working example on below link

Create another text field.

$("#kn-input-field_141 input").live(“change”, function () {
var txtfields = $("#kn-input-field_141").find(“input”);
var txtToupdate = “”;
for (var i = 0; i < txtfields.length-1; i++) {
if ($(txtfields[i]).val() != “”)
txtToupdate += " " + $(txtfields[i]).val();
$("#kn-input-field_143 input").val(txtToupdate);

visibility: hidden;
height: 1px;

Here field_143 is new text field and field_141 is Address field

Sunny Singla