Can't insert login page for child page now

Hi Dear Engineers of Knack,

First of All, I wanna say thank you for creating such a great tool as Knack so that we can create simple apps quickly.

I have been facing an urgent problem after recent Knack upgrade now.

Before the upgrade, we can achieve the page structure like this easily:

New users may input some information without login initially, they will be navigated to the login page after clicking submit button. and then after registration and login, they can proceed with the next steps.

In this model, we make the "Submit Preference" page open to public and "Confirm Agreement" page which is a child page of submit preference page behind the login page.

But it looks like that this capability is removed now and we have to assign all newly created parent page to be sign-in required and can not do this step on child pages only.

This is a great impact on our business flow. Could you please help to fix this problem ASAP?

Thanks an awful lot~