Can You Create a Global Dropdown List of Values?

I am hoping to create a list of countries that can be leveraged as a set of dropdown values in multiple locations of the database to drive consistency. Is it possible to do that? I know I can create separate dropdowns for each Multiple Choice field type but I don't see a way of synchronizing those value lists.

Also, can that drop down be integrated into the Country value embedded in an Address type field?


Further information from their support team showed me how to make sure the drop down list that is pulling data from a connected object always sorts in Alpha, even with new records or updates. In the builder, go to the setting for the Object supplying the source data for the drop down, set the default sort to A-Z and save the changes. Now the drop down list always sorts A-Z, including new and updated records. Thanks!

There is NOT a way to link that list of values as a drop down to a field embedded in the Address field type.

Here is a response I just received:

For this, you would create a Countries object with a record for each country. Then, you can connect your other objects to the Countries object. The Country records will show up as a searchable dropdown list in each of the objects you connect to. The same Country records will be consistently available from each of those other objects.

Yes, this will work. Here are the remaining challenges:

  1. To alphabetize the values in the dropdown list they must be entered into the object in alphabetical order. Which means that if I add a new record to the object later, it will show up at the bottom of the list and not be in alpha order. I could clear out the list and import a new list of values that are sorted correctly, but that will delete the values stored in the connected objects, requiring me to re-input all those values. That's doesn't scale.
  2. Still don't know if I can link such and object to supply a dropdown for the Country value in the Address field type.