Add Javascript list of states to a form field (NOT the Address field)

I want to create a drop down form element containing a list of states and another containing a list of countries but the Address form contains street, zip, etc.

The form elements I need are "Origination" (all US states) and "Destination" (all world countries)

Is there a way to break apart the Address for so I am left with just the state drop down? Or can I add javascript to a different form element to get this to work?

Newbie here so go easy on me! TY :)

- Becca

If you don't need it to convert back into an Address type field, you can instead add a Multiple Choice type field and then using the "quick edit" link paste in the list of states and another for the list of countries. Converting from the Multiple Choice type back to a really Address type would take some extra effort I would guess.