Can anyone help a confused newbie?

I keep getting referred to the webinars and instructions but after MANY times through those. we're stuck. Is anyone out there willing to help us figure this out? Trying to create what I thought was a simple database for our non-profit but I'm finding Access and Excel much easier so clearly I'm doing something wrong unless this is MUCH more complicated than those two programs. :(   

Anyone patient out there who understands this product?  

I also have a very similar background to those that have commented. Spent over 20 years using Microsoft Access/Excel/VBA. I’m a Microsoft Certified Application Specialist in both. Used Microsoft web apps until they were retired last year and then found Knack about six months ago and haven’t looked back. If you want to contact me I’ll be happy to assist as I think this is a perfect solution for almost any application you’d build in a legacy system like Access. It’s a fairly short learning curve if you understand Access and you’ll love Knack in no time.

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Well said Julian, and really insightful for not just Robin but others looking to move from Access & VBA.

Although Javascript is tough to grapple with at the start, I reckon it was pure genius by the Knack team to include this along with CSS to really customise anything beyond 'out of the box'.

Hope Julian's comment helps you rethink it Robin!

Hi Robin

Oddly I am also from the Access / VBA world but moved away from the desktop software world (at least for databases) some time ago with Access Web Apps (AWA). 

I had several Apps based on AWA on Microsoft's app store and when the prematurely 'retired' the platform last year was left looking for replacements - and Knack is among three platforms that I chose - and here's why:

  1. It's very productive (i.e. quick o build stuff)
  2. Being cloud based can be accessed from anywhere from almost any device
  3. This also provides the opportunity to Integrate with other platforms using Zapier or Integromat
  4. Has great security features which are also simple to implement
  5. You can easily build public facing and / or secured pages within the app
  6. Apps look good - and can be great when embedded in webpages
  7. You can build quite complex solutions with no coding at all

For me, the weak point is the use of Javascript for more complex customisation. The language is not at all data centric and is very cumbersome to use in my opinion...

However, if you need more sophisticated logic and don't want to learn Javascript you can always use tools like Zapier and particularly Integromat to build it.

Thank you Brad. :)  

I think that considering the challenges, we're going to return to creating our own Access database since that is much more familiar to us. Knack should give you an account credit -- you're very kind and helpful. Thus far, from Knack I received instructions to go back and reread the links but our problem necessitated some one-on-one help to get going. We just don't want to get into a bind waiting for help if we faced a big issue once we launched the new database. But thank you so very much for taking the time to reach out to me. I appreciate it!  I think that once Knack grows enough to hire more support folks, it'll be a great resource. :)  

Hi Robin,

Coming from an Access/Excel/VBA background myself there are different ways to achieve similar things.  The community here is pretty helpful and probably best to be specific with what you're having trouble with and work through small steps, learning as you go.