Calc Multiple Totals on One Field?

Let’s say I have a table with three fields:
Date Billed
Date Paid

Can Knack calculate 3 totals on the Amount field?

  1. To be billed: Where both Date Billed & Date Paid are blank.
  2. Billed but not paid: Where Date Billed has a value but Date Paid is blank.
  3. Not paid: Where Date Paid field is blank.

Hello Peter,

Yes, that’s possible.

for this, you need to create another object with one record. And connect this table with the existing object where the amount field is and the default value of that connection is always the first record.

Then in this new object create three Sum fields with conditions that you want.

Sunny Singla

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Thank you, Sunny. I knew that there must be a clever way to do this using a connection but wasn’t sure how.

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I was wondering why my test case wasn’t working and then I finally realized that the existing test records weren’t linked to the new “totals” table. Once I updated the records it worked as expected.

Thanks again.

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Hi, I do this sort of thing too. If you want to avoid extra objects and fields (for performance reasons), you could set up three reports on a page, and filter records according to your criteria, so that you have three reports matching those criteria. Then sum the amount field.

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