Bug Reporting

Where do we report bugs?

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Bug reports can still be submitted via our in-Builder Help Drawer (by clicking the “?” icon in the top right corner of your builder)

You can also report a bug by emailing support@knack.com.

If you’ve got any feedback on the bug filing process, we are open to hearing that here in the forum!

Yes, i have been using the support chat however my messages have gone unread for days now and the issues I’m having are critical and are stopping the deployment of our app. Over the past few years, I usually had them addressed the same day now they sit unseen for much longer. I hope you consider hiring more staff to improve the response time especially for something critical like a bug.


I did ask how to access the page that contains the tickets. It is still located at:
The login credential is the one for the old support page login (not the builder login).
Seems that Knack has forgotten the integration of this into the new community/support site.


Thanks @AlagoLowe - I never knew this existed, great resource to have all the tickets and their status in one location. :+1:

@TonyLewis75327 What bugs are you experiencing exactly?

Deleted -oops

@JulianKirkness what did you delete? lol