Bubble.is vs Knack?

I came across a post here by someone who mentioned Bubble.is and I have to say it looks very promising. Does anyone have experience using this service?

I've been a Knack user for over 2 years now I think and although I love its backend functionality I think it lacks better tools to customize the front end, work on UI and UX, exactly the things I just found at Bubble.is.

So, im just wondering, does someone have experience using both platforms and what have been your reasons to choose/stick with Knack?

Curious on thoughts- Any take a recent look at Bubble? Can it serve as a front end to Knack thorough API calls?

Curious on thoughts- Any take a recent look at Bubble? Can it serve as a front end to Knack thorough API calls?

I have taken a very quick look at Bubble.is. 

It seems like a great product and I think it is more flexible and powerful than Knack in certain ways, but they do seem to focus on different types of apps than Knack does.

For example: They do not have a native "table" element in their view builder. You can have tables in your app by linking to this app: https://handsontable.com/. But that is another separate service you have to pay for and is also not fully integrated into the app (data is currently read-only only... https://forum.bubble.is/t/new-feature-excel-like-table/2125)

I do like the fact that they integrate with so many different external services, I hope this is something that Knack could also implement in future. (You can install different types of plugins etc.)

One good thing from memory was Bubble also offered to issue their code as open source if they ever have to shut up shop


Yes, sorry I meant it doesnt build Android or Windows appsbut does IOS.



Daniel: What do you mean Bubble only builds ios apps?

It builds web-apps as well. For the sake of learning I just finished an AirBnB-type app (with all the functionality).

Once I "figured it out", it really isnt much harder than Knack, but it gives you SO much more options. 

Yes, The backend of Bubble is a letdown and it is harder to learn and currently it only builds IOS apps.

I also like ParaSQL which has a good backend database and can connect to other systems database as if they are on the same server, it has a drag and draw UI builder than links to allow updating page parts based on other page parts or parent child and even deeper level as well as many other things and is stored on Google Cloud so for people like me already using Googles servers it is already checked and approved for privacy, data regs, e.t.c.

I find all miss a decent gantt calendar for scheduling but Knack is the best but lack events such as dropped to allow updating other things or other systems with Zapier or PieSync :(

And I have tickets still not resolved after months with Knack which has stopped me and means I am now looking elsewhere as above.

It is a shame as I like Knack the most but it just needs more flexibility/extensability.



Yes, it does indeed. Knack has a more well-developed "backend", i guess. Its easier to do batch editing from the knack backend, for example.

But in my experience so far you can do so much more with Bubble. You can basically do just about anything :-) 

Had a quick play with Bubble but couldn't really understand whether it actually supports relational database management like what we have in Knack... Pål, what are your thoughts on that? Norsk misstänker jag :-)



I've now been playing around with Bubble for  a few days, and must say I am really impressed. It is extremely flexible, especially front end. You can do just about anything. It also has a lot of 3rd-party integrations.

It has a steeper learning curve than Knack, but once you get a hang of it the sky is really the limit. 


I mentioned Bubble before as I would like Knack to look at it and take some ideas, the same with Parasql.com as these both have great points but some things I still prefer with Knack but just want to see more large features to get them up there rather than smaller fields, validation, e.t.c. that has been the releases of late.

I find Knack easier to learn/get going than Bubble.



Just went through a couple of tutorials on Bubble.is - and it looks amazing! Still need to get my head around the approach of building front-end first, but it seems SO easy to get great UIs.

Have you found out if Bubble has any limitations compared to what Knack can build?