Browser Constanly Hangs

Any else finding that Knack constantly causes the browser to hang? I am consistently finding the following issues:

  • Spinning wheel of death in the content area of the page
  • Content below header does not load, page is blank
  • Menu links unresponsive

These 3 issues happen intermittently, all day, everyday. The only fix is to either refresh browser multiple times, or restart browser entirely.

Having no luck even getting response from Knack Support team, so I'm trying here.

Sounds like your app is on a busy server. If that is the case you will need to ask Support to move it to a quieter server.
You can double check. When you get passed a login screen but no further (just header loaded), try at the same time doing inserts and updates through the builder - they will be slow as well. Or API calls (e.g. via zapier) - these will be slow or even timeout.

How do I find that?


Hi Peter - what's being reported in the browser console?