Blank columns with a total are not hidden

A column with no values in it can be easily hidden natively in Knack. However, if column totals are required (which they often are) the column is no longer hidden even though it is blank and has a sum of 0.

It would be good to extend the hiding of blank columns so that a 0 total is also ignored and hidden.

If I turn off the column totals, your suggestion works. But I need the column totals for every column that doesn't have a 0 total. So I currently have to choose between having no totals (which isn't great) and 50 columns with 0 totals (which is only marginally better).

Tha's actually how I have the table and columns set up. It doesn't show the 0 values in the column, but still shows the 0 for the total. Which is the problem I was describing - if there is no values in the column, then (at least in this case) it's pointless to have the 0 total show.

What about using a display rule on the column that hides the value of = 0 then set the table to hide empty columns.
This works as I have used this method.

I have columns hiding values and the table set up to hide blank columns, but if a Total is selected for the column it still doesn’t hide the column…I think this is because the total of $0.00 still appears and therefore it doesn’t think it’s empty. Is there any way to hide a column with blank values if totals are turned on for columns?

Having $0.00 in the total is not the problem. I believe the real problem is that totals are never hidden. I have a quote form that I would like to show a normal description, or an extended description depending on the part. So I have (2) fields and just hide one or the other depending on the conditions. However the total column is never hidden such that the columns don’t line up in the table. I believe this is a bug in Knack.

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I have simular situstion. A table that shows the Expense ID Number and The Total Amount.
Total - 40205 $36.00

I would like it just display the amount total?