Remove the Grand Total from a grid/table

Does anyone know a way to remove/suppress the grand total that is added when you display subtotals on a grid/table?

I have multiple tables on the screen. I need to suppress the grand total on one of them. I found a topic from 2018 that has some JS suggestions. So I assume that I’m headed that direction but I haven’t figured out how to identify the specific table id and what to do with it after I do find it.

Any help would be very appreciated!


Hi @KathyHiggi39830,
On the grid/table, I assume you have enabled column summaries in the grid settings like so.
If you don’t want total at all, you can remove the column summary.

If you don’t want one particular column to show a total, you can select that column and in the column properties set Allow Summary to ‘No’:

Hope that helps.

Thanks for the reply! What I want to suppress is the Grand Total at the very bottom of the column. Here is a screenshot. Any ideas?

Hi @KathyHiggi39830!

Thank you for sharing your question! Our support team would love to take a look at your Grid view and see how we can help you with this. Please reach out to them if you don’t find your answer here in the forum! You can submit this question by using this Form or reach out to support directly from within the Builder of your app.

Happy Knacking!

@KathyHiggi39830 Sorry I didn’t realise there were subtotals and grand totals on grouped tables!
Because all of the totals have the same class of kn-table-totals, the best way is to use CSS to hide the last instance in this table view.

#view_1 .kn-table {
    display: none !important;

Perfect! Thank you so much for your help!

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