Best way to append a field value?

Id like to have a tracking log for when a user changes something in a record. I want a paragraph or richtext field as the log field, and when changes are made i want the log field to be appended and a timestamp and user stamp. i dont see any function for appending, and i cant use a formula to concatenate in an update rule.

whats the best practice for this?

Hi @Irfan

To do this we use Make. We don’t exactly do what you want but we do this to archive records.

We take say 20 records construct a mask and then create a table then put those 20 records into 1 field.

The same could be done in your scenario but Less complex.

Make would take in a record submit you then have access to all fields in the form. You can then manipulate the data and put it back into your object.

The other option is using JavaScript and the Knack API.

If you need help with either I’d be more than happy to help.


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Thanks I think that’s a good idea you gave: I’ll use JavaScript to capture and send data back to the API.

I have used Make extensively but I think keeping it all on knack would be most reliable. However knacks api documentation leaves a lot to be desired so I may start with that as a stop gap.

I appreciate the help I’ll reach out if I’m having difficulty , thank you so much

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