Basic Lookups

anyone help please?

I need to know how (or if possible) to do a basic lookup on a form ... eg: there is a back object called 'AREA' which has codes and areas stored ... when I key into the main object, the address, i also have an area field which should then lookupo into the sub-object and allocate the main address to the stored area ... currently i can only use a connection and have to manually find the correct area from the list ... this is a normal basic function in all databases I have used, so I hope its just me?

thanks in anticipation.

Raju ~ would you mind sharing an example? I’m still learning Javascript and the integration examples from other Knack users are extremely helpful!

I usually achieve this with Javascript manipulation. If you are comfortable with javascript, you can create a view with area listed with search capabilities and call that view under iframe and populate selected record to target control.