Auto update record after event


I'm trying to minimize user input by auto updating fields after an event occurs.


Product is not assigned to anyone

Sales person assigns the product to himself

Auto update:

1 - Assignment date

2 - Change status to assign

How can this be done without using JavaScript?  Or of JavaScript is needed what would it look like?


This is now possible with Action Links! In this case, you could set up a new Action Link in a table that would (a) update the record assignment to the logged-in user and (b) change the Assignment Date to a specified date and the Status to Assigned.

You can read more about this feature in our “Action Links” help article. Enjoy!

If the assignment of the product is the ONLY thing that is done on a particular form, you might be able use form rules for that form to subsequently change the other fields "Assignment date" and "status".

It looks like the ideal situation of having fields updated after some other field changes is only a feature request at the moment.  

Sorry - I can't help with any javascript option.