How do I update the Connected fields when I log-in to my App?

I have done all the research on your forum(tried the solutions). Tried all the documents but I am not able to update the Connected fields with Custom Javascript. Check out the screenshot attached. Here AssignedTo, AssignBy and Status fields do not update . Let me know if you have a fix.

This is my java script Code

$('#Assign').click(function () {

// We need an array of record IDs
var record_ids1 = [];

// Populate the record IDs using all checked rows
$('#' + view.key + ' tbody input[type=checkbox]:checked').each(function() {
record_ids1.push($(this).closest('tr').attr('id')); // record id
var row = $(this).closest("tr").attr('id'); // Find the row
var text = $('#' + row).find('.field_62').text();

var fullDate = new Date();
var val=(fullDate.getMonth()+1)+"/"+fullDate.getDate()+"/"+fullDate.getFullYear();
var status = $('#slstate').val();

var newdata = {
field_52: $('#slstate').val(), --> I can't update this field_52 and 62
field_84: text,
field_72: val,
field_62_raw: $('#sluser').val()

updateRecords(record_ids1.shift(), $(this).closest('tr').attr('id'), newdata);


alert('Update complete!');
$( "#Refresh" ).click();


Please refer this code and give me a solution.