Set connection field to current logged in user JS

I need to update a connection field via API/JS - it seems you need to match the ID in order for Knack to pick it up and so far I have been unsuccessful in doing so.

Via the web interface we are able to set the connection field to the current logged in user via a button action - anyone know how I can recreate this via the api?

Something to the effect of:
var adminID = Knack.getUserAttributes().id;
var adminName = Knack.getUserAttributes().name;

var data2 = {

field_171: ‘Yes’,

field_175: todayDate.toJSON(),

field_245: data.field_245_raw[0].id + adminID This is the issue


with an ajax call

var selectedRecords2 = record_ids2.length + 1

function updateRecords2(id, records, data2) {


url: ‘’ + id,

type: ‘PUT’,

headers: {‘X-Knack-Application-ID’: ‘’,

‘X-Knack-REST-API-Key’: ‘’},

data: data2,

success: function(response) {

if (record_ids2.length > 0) {

// every time a loop is made, the array is shifted by 1.

// if the array still has a length greater than 0, re-run another updateRecords loop

setTimeout(updateRecords2(record_ids2.shift(), record_ids2, data2), myDelay2);


else {

alert(‘Updating ’ + selectedRecords2 + ’ records.’);



// Knack records are updated now



error : function(response) {

alert(‘API error’);






How can I set field_245 (a connection field) to the current logged in user without affecting the record connections.