Auto click action button

I have a details view with an action button that directs to another page. Does anyone have any code that will automatically click the action button as soon as the view renders on the scene? Many thanks!

You want to move to the next page as soon the current page renders? What would be the point of a page that directly transitions into another one? I’m confused

The page I want to add this to has a form on It that is hidden based on a previous page’s form answer. If it is hidden I want the user to be automatically routed to a different child page. If it is not hidden, the user should stay on that page. If there is a better way to do that please let me know.

Ok, that’s clearer for me.
Not ideal, but have you thought about just showing/hiding a button “Click to continue” (redirecting to the next child page) if the form is hidden?
Or plain putting this form and the “different child page” on the same page, playing with hide-show depending on previous form answers?

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haha…that’s exactly what I’m doing now…a “click to continue” button. I can’t do your 2nd option b/c the page I need to show if hidden is comprehensive and I don’t want to recreate it. Hey…at least it sounds like I didn’t miss an obvious solution! Thanks so much for lending your perspective!

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Could you add conditions to the redirect logic in the form on the ‘previous’ page? So based on the variable response you send the user to the appropriate page directly?

Great idea, but since the page I need them to go to is a child page, it’s not listed in the drop down options. Thx for the idea though!