Redirect to another page

Given a menu on Page A that has a button to redirect to Page B. If Field X = “C”, I want the user to be redirected to Page C automatically.
I’ve created a Page C not attached to a menu. I’ve set the Page Rule in Page B to redirect to Page C if Field X = “C”. That part works.

What doesn’t work is that I’m not able to include the proper detail for Page C. Really I just want to copy certain views from Page B to Page C, but Knack does not display Page C because it’s not “linked” to Page B. I don’t want to link it because I don’t want to display a link. But even if I add a link - i.e. a menu button, it still won’t automatically redirect because Page C does not display as an option.

Alternatively, if I could show/hide an individual button in a menu, that might work, but there’s no such option.

Any ideas?