Attention Knack Developers and Builders!

My company has a partially completed Knack project that needs finishing. Who’s up for it! We are a small 3PL, warehouse, and prep center in Dallas, Texas that services foreign companies who sell on Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Walmart, etc. We take in other company’s inventory for storage, prep, and shipping.

What we have: A partially completed Knack project.
What we need: Someone to finish it.

When do we need it: ASAP (trying to get this sucker polished off and working)

Budget: We’ll discuss that with the right person but yes, there is a budget of course.

Please email me at “

Matthew Freed
Ablewood Group, Inc

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Hi Matthew, you may wish to also post this project on the Expert Network:
Knack Experts Network :+1:

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Thanks Carl! Much appreciated. I’ll check it out.