Any idea for this scenario? single products and packs products in my product list invoice

Anyone have any idea how to manage this scenario:
I need to have a database with the products in my warehouse. Each record with these fields name, price, stock, etc.
But I also need to create product packs, which inside have products from the same warehouse. The packs have their own price.

Can you think of some way to add products and packs to the invoices and that when packs are added, the list of products inside the pack appears. Any idea to manage the stocks of products when we sell a pack.

The packs are not closed therefore if I have 10 pencils in my stock, I can sell them separately or sell two packs of 5.


for your database schema, i think that distinguishing a 'pack' from an individual item would be irrelevant since a product always comes out of the warehouse (i.e. a product is always a child of the warehouse) but a product does NOT always come out of a pack (i.e. product NOT always a child of the pack).

maybe i'm wrong, so a question - do the packs get shipped to your warehouse as packs? 

if not...moving on. 

when you invoice, your database doesn't care if the items were sold as individual products or as a pack; only the invoice does. So make the invoice trigger to say either Pack of X or Individual product X. 

you using Knack to build your invoice? 


Jonathan ,

Perhaps a new object in the middle would help. Let's say an "item", so you make sales of "items".

An "item" can contain products, or packs. Packs can contain products.

I'm not sure that would solve your issue, but it might -- examine if adding another object in the mix would help.