Knack Inventory with FIFO calculation

Hi all, I'm doing fine all the way with knack and taught it is powerful enough for my business. But, recently when I was trying to integrate my Inventory to my system and trying to built a simple BOM for my every single order, I face an issue. I can only have the average cost instead of the current stock in the inventory system. Is there anyone here can show me how to do the FIFO inventory instead of the average cost? Your help is very much appreciate. Thanks & hope everybody here have a nice day.

Warmest regards,

Kevin Loh

Hi Brad, yes but how do I marked it as sold? lets say

3rd september I bought stock with 30units for usd45/pc

10th september I bought stock with 60units for usd 40/pc

11th september I sold 55units

how do I mark sold items in the line items? I use the line items as my purchase table

please kindly advise. Thanks & have a nice day.

You can do it with formulas (

You actually connect each object you want to be in the FIFO count (supposedly every object) to another object where you have formula fields that count connected object based on specific filters (ex: sold items, stock items etc).

I think this is what you want to achieve


Are the inventory items marked as 'sold' somehow, so the order uses current stock in the calculations? (items not sold)