An Issue and a Few Questions


I have an order details page.

This page displays the order details, which pull information from several places. There are some additional fields than the ones I am listing, but I am working with these.

Order Object
Order ID
Products (1 order to many products connection)
Account (1 to many account connections)
Status (pending/paid/canceled)

So I have an order details view, and I am trying to set up a cancellation process for administrators. All is working fine except for a couple of small things.

That Products connected to the order need to be updated. So I have a record rule updating all connected records with the new status for that as well, but it is only doing one of them instead of ALL of them

I have included a screenshot

Those registrations are my “products.” There are two on my test order, but the record rule is only canceling one item when I submit the form canceling the order.

My other issue is less straightforward. I am trying to create a log of when orders are edited, which I have completed. Still, I also want a record of when each registration is edited since there are times when admins will modify those without affecting the order or order status. In addition, I want to add a log entry for all the canceled registrations when an order is canceled. Is this possible without using an external tool? This action would be inserting more than one connected record.

I am primarily concerned with the status of my products in the order not updating right now. That essential that those are changed, so they go back into the stock pool.

Any input is appreciated,

Hi Lori,

I’m not 100% sure unless I take a look at your app but have you tried the following?

  1. Create a Logs object and connect it to Orders and Registrations.
  2. Then create a Log record using Record Rules when the Order and/or Registration is edited.
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