Can't update item Catagory

I’ve got a system for ordering stuff… Office equipment, coffee, etc…

I have:
An Item Catalog
A file to store Item categories
An Order file connected to the user
Order Items connected to the Order.

I can’t get the catagory to be reflected in the Order Items. Even though I’ve added a update rule to the submission.

I’ve attached screen shots of the update, and all the files. Not sure where I’m going wrong, but depending on the catagory the items might need to be available to different groups. i.e. Office Supplies might be handled by a different group than something else.

Hi, @LeithalAgent!

I’m sorry you’re having trouble with this! I would love to help you here in the forum, however, it is hard to say what it causing your record rule there in your form to not trigger without taking a look at your app directly and investigating further while looking into your setup. This could also very well be a known issue, but to confirm that requires our team to take a closer look first.

If you don’t get the resolution you need here from another fellow community member, please don’t hesitate to reach out to the support team for assistance with this. Our queues are looking great as of right now, so you should hear from our team in a timely manner.

Have a great rest of your week! :slight_smile: