Allow Rich Text input on form builder (for more flexibility with form design)addition into a form

I've run into a situation many times where I'd like to include rich text at some point between fields in a form. It isn't as useful to use the Special Title/Instructions field as it isn't actually rich text and can't include hyperlinks, for example.

This would super helpful and allow for much more flexibility in the form design!

Hi Ivan,

I am sure the guys at KnackHQ will get on to this.

I thought I would reach out with a few suggestions which might help you in the meantime.


You can try using the "span" tag to change colours

<span style="color:blue">Blue text</span> 

You can create hyperlinks simply by using an "a" tag

<a href="">Hyperlinks</a>

It would result in something like this.

You can use <h1> <h2> tags etc to call different fonts too.

This is some simple HTML markup, you can find out more about this here

I hope this helps.

Kind regards,