Insert any code before and after field display

it would be nice to be able to add code directly before and after the field being displayed in details view.

Great, thanks for the clarification!

Hi Laura,

Yes you can use say your field, two RT fields and then a combo field but that is a nightmare to maintain as your system grows, that's 4 fields for 1.

Being able to set prefix, suffix, e.t.c. is not uncommon especially on the Auto Increment.



Hi Daniel - could you use the rich text field (which accepts HTML) to get to your desired result?

yeah also i was thinking maybe i can create an html code field then use text combo to surround another field with two html code fields, essentially wrapping the field in my own html but that would require a custom html code field.


I have asked for Prefix and suffix on the Auto Increment Field here:

for things like units but this could be added to all fields and allow html solving both issues and more.