Allow custom billing info (Company name, VAT, etc.) in the receipts for the Knack App that are sent by email (not only in builder)

Our Knack app is billed monthly and the payment is handled by our finance department.

That means they need every month a PDF invoice of the transaction, that contains our company billing information (company name, address and VAT number).

I can specify this info in the builder here:

And I can even specify the email the invoices are sent to (in our case the finance department).

However the pdf invoices received by email do NOT contain the custom billing info that I entered! (but the Knack Builder Username instead):

Though when I download the pdf invoices from the Knack Builder (from the "Billing/Receipts" tab) they are different and contain the correct company information (seen below).

I'd basically want to have the ability to have the correct pdf invoices (containing custom company info) sent to our finance department by email every month automatically.

Currently the only options, according to your support, seem to be either to download the receipts from the builder every month manually and send them or give access to the builder account to our finance department and neither is ideal.

Thank you.