Add "OR/ANY" to Scene Rules

The issue a lot of us face is field level permissions.

The first solution was to create duplicate scenes but of course this gets messy and hard to maintain.

Then Scene Rules were added which meant we could have multiple views on one scene and use the rules to hide views based on criteria, BUT the rules only have "AND/All" so this then means we now have to create duplicate rules so we have just moved the duplicate issues further down the tree.

Please add "OR/ANY" so we can reduce the rules duplication which also reduced the scene duplication and then we are in a better place to handle field level permissions albeit in a different way which I am sure we would all still like handled better in a permissions view where we can choose view, edit, e.t.c. per field for each user role.

Being able to use "any" or "or" when I'm setting conditional rules would help SO MUCH. +1

We can see how it would be useful to have these filtering options in display rules. We have added it to our list for filter improvements across the board.