Add option to download graphs from pages

As a researcher who is using Knack to create databases from which to analyse large sets of data, I want to download graphs directly from pages so that I can use them in research papers. Thanks for your help.

Hey @Genevieve are you looking for something other than the download option for charts?
(KB Views > Reports > Options)

Download offers a PDF file of the chart.

Thanks for the question Brad. I would like to download graphs directly from the reports pages without having to publish in on the Liveapp as we won’t be publishing the raw data anywhere. Apparently this is not yet possible so one of the Knack staff suggested I post the suggestion on here.

So download as an image file instead of a PDF?

There be some Javascript methods to do this given Knack uses HighCharts - some of us have tinkered with the HighCharts model so we might come up with something!

Yes that would be perfect! Thanks for being so responsive

Highcharts has an inbuilt export button that appears on the top right by default, and this can be turned off when creating a new chart in code. But they are turned off in Knack and I’m struggling to work out how to enable it again.

Trying variations on:
Highcharts.charts[0].options.exporting.buttons.contextButton.enabled = true;
exporting.buttons.contextButton.enabled | highcharts API Reference

Will keep trying.

In the meantime your stuck with screenshotting the chart, or snapshots from PDFs…

Thanks for your help Brad.