Add customer when new and not found

I have 2 objects. Customers and Loads. I want to be able to add a new load in the Loads form and when selecting a customer that is related to the load, if that customer is new and not listed, i can type the customer name in the form and it will automatically add it to the Customer object as well as a new customer automatically. Any help on how to do this?

Hi Justin,

1. first you have to allow logged in user to be able “add new option” to create new Customer record. You can do this in the front end Pages area, by clicking on the Customer form input, and ticking the relevant box.

2. Then you will need to create a form input for Loads. Do the same thing as before by allowing for “add new option”.

3. Make sure that add new option is only allowed for records connected to logged in user, not all records.

4. Then you need to connect Loads with customer.

5. Then in record rules of Loads you want to populate the connection field to Customer with the customer selected in the form input.

Then submit the form.

Next time when you select that customer in the drop down you should be able to see the load connected to it in the Loads drop down list.

If you’re not getting desired result, then you may be connecting it incorrectly. Try different variations. Also make sure that the Customer is showing up in the Customer connection field IN the Loads record. If that field is empty then that’s why it’s not working, you need that field to be populated. 

I also wrote this assuming that many loads connect to one customer. But if it’s the other way round then you want to a load connection field to be in each customer record.