New connected record via api

Is it possible to add a new connected record via the API?

For instance in the Customer Portal Template:

Can a new service record be created via the API that connects the new record to an existing customer?


Nico can you pls share your solution with an example

Yes u can post or put via the API to a connection. However the table your connected to has to contain rows.

1. GET your records from the table your connecting to with Postman.
2. Copy the "ID" of the record and "field_<your nr>" of the connection.
3. POST to the second table with the key(fieldnr) and value(ID).

Have fun. 

I'm only a month late here, but for any possible future viewers, as far as I know, you cannot insert a record into a connected field unless that record already exists in the connected field. If the record is in the connected field, you can reference the record's ID. Looking something like this ["4fea069e9e8246001d000699"]. If the existing customer is in a connected field in the service records table then you should be able to reference the ID and add a new record via API. Don't take what I say too seriously, I'm very dumb. 

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