Zapier showing the Knack Integration is "Deprecated" within

When selecting a trigger app (with Knack) in Zapier, it indicates that Knack is "Deprecated". By that, I take it that Knack integration is not being recommended by Zapier.

Is there a reason to be concerned about this?

Aaah - okay that's it. When I search on Knack as a trigger app this morning, there is

  • Knack 1.0.0 (Deprecated)
  • Knack 1.0.1 (Deprecated)
  • Knack

So I'll be using the third option.

I'm sure last night, it only gave Knack 1.0.1 (Deprecated) as an option.

Anyway - that makes sense. Thanks!

Perhaps it has something to do with the updates.